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  • Your Home Carpet Cleaning Guide: 7 Pet Hair Removal Techniques You Should Know

    March 30, 2020
    Remove pet hair from couches

    It goes without saying that we love our pets and our pets love us. But unfortunately, when pets leave a room, they can leave hair, skin particles, and foul odors behind.

    Pet hair is more than just a household annoyance. Pet hair contains dander and other allergens that trigger allergies and can lead to asthma for people living inside the home. That’s why it’s imperative to keep your home clean if you’re living with pets.

    Let’s explore different ways to remove pet hair from couches, carpets, and other places in your home.

    Remove Pet Hair From Couches and Carpets

    Pets are great, but not when they shed! From using rubber gloves to creating a hair removing mixture, here are seven ways you can get rid of pet hair in your home.

    1. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

    Vacuuming is usually everyone’s go-to method when cleaning pet hair from couches and carpets. A small and handheld vacuum is your best bet for couches, stairs, and small spaces.

    You’ll need a powerful vacuum with strong suction to remove all of the hair around your house. The ASPCA recommends using a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filter or a disposable electrostatic bag. This prevents allergens (like pet dander) from getting blown around the air.

    Vacuum your home one to three times a week to prevent pet hair buildup.

    2. Use Dampened Rubber Gloves

    Leather gloves can help you clean off your couch. Throw on your rubber gloves and run warm water over them. Shake and dry the gloves so they are damp.

    With the gloves on, run your hand over the surface of your couch. The dampness will attract any hair in its way. After a few moments, you’ll notice pet hair all over the gloves. If you need to, run the gloves under water to clean them. Pick up where you left off until you’ve cleaned your entire couch.

    If you don’t have gloves, a damp sponge can do the trick.

    3. Rub a Dryer Sheet Over Your Furniture

    Dryer sheets can rub pet hair off your furniture. Dryer sheets contain fabric softener. The softener attracts pet hair and dust, creating an excellent cleaning tool. Rub the dryer sheet over your couch or other hair-covered pieces of furniture.

    As a bonus, cleaning with dryer sheets leaves your home smelling fresh.

    4. Try a Rubber Broom

    A regular broom is not ideal for pet hair. It just moves the hair around or pushes it further into your carpet. But a rubber broom can work wonders for pet hair removal.

    A rubber broom features one side with rubber teeth and another side with a squeegee. You can use both sides to effectively remove pet hair in your home.

    For wood and tile surfaces, use the squeegee side of the broom. The flat edge can reach corners and scrape hair away from moldings.

    The side of the broom with rubber teeth is designed for cleaning carpets, couches, and rugs. Run the teeth over a small area for thirty seconds to one minute, depending on the amount of hair.

    Check your broom. You’ll see plenty of pet hair the broom picked up. Shake the broom over your trash can and start over in a new section.

    5. Rub a Pumice Stone Over Your Carpet

    Pumice stones are made from lava and water. Many people turn to pumice stones for exfoliating dead and dry skin. But you can also use a pumice stone for removing pet hair on your couch.

    The pumice stone’s scratchy surface lifts pet hair from carpets, stairs, couches, and car seats. Rub the stone over the hair-covered surface for thirty seconds. Pick off the hair from the stone and throw it in the garbage.

    6. Mix Fabric Softener with Water

    You can create a hair removing mixture using fabric softener and water. The fabric softener picks up extra dust, dirt, and hair particles that water cannot.

    Spray your mixture onto an area. Wipe it off using a cloth or sponge. This mixture is ideal for small carpets and couch cushions.

    7. Resort to a Lint Roller

    When all else fails, a lint roller is always a reliable tool for removing pet hair. While lint rollers are best for eliminating hair from clothes, they can also be used for removing pet hair in small spaces (like your steps, couch, and car seat).

    If you have pets, we recommend keeping a few lint rollers around your house. You can quickly lint roll your couch cushions while watching TV or keep one in your car for emergencies.

    Tips for Controlling Your Pet’s Hair

    Many types of dogs and cats shed. It’s a normal process, but the amount and frequency in which your pet loses air depend on their health and breed. For example, some dogs grow thicker coats during the winter months and shed extra hair when spring arrives.

    Grooming your pet regularly decreases shedding. Frequent baths, brushing and trimming leads to less hair in your carpet. Bathing your pet once every four weeks washes out loose hairs, and helps their skin stay healthy. When you brush your pet, the brush collects dead hair as opposed to your pet shedding all over your home.

    Ensuring a healthy and balanced diet for your pet also reduces shedding. Foods with omega-3 fatty acids and protein lock in moisture along your pet’s skin to keep a healthy coat of fur.

    Don’t forget to make sure your pet has plenty of water. Hydration improves your pet’s skin, which results in less hair loss.

    Call the Professional Carpet Cleaners

    Keep your home clean and remove pet hair from couches, carpets, and car seats. By taking good care of your pet, you can naturally decrease the amount of pet hair throughout your house.

    If you’ve tried different ways to eliminate pet hair with no success, leave it to the professionals. Our team knows how to handle pet hair and dander to ensure your home looks cleaner than ever. Schedule an appointment online now.

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